Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Give Away

I think Dominik was the most happy person in our family this Christmas, presents were literally rolling on him in the course of four days. Christmas at home, at grandma's, when cousins came, when a late package from abroad arrived. And, as if it wasn't enough, on the fifth day he got a Swedish Isbjoern / ice bear from Ikea. It is a very realistic and somewhat wild looking toy, Dominik carried it proudly home, cutely clutching it under his arm. His new Pooh bear, that is what he calls all the bears, was also a new friend. They went everywhere together. At eight o'clock in the evening he threw a fit that he doesn't like it anymore and wants to have it changed for the Swedish elephant.

And now the Give Away!

If you like any of the following bags and other things, leave me a comment with a note which one you would like to have and I will pick one of you (with a help of a magic randomizer) on Wednesday 6th of January. So it will be a Three Magis present.

I wish Happy New Year to all of you!

Blue Circles

Pink Bag


Pink Bag with a Circle


Details for each thing are on Etsy.


Merruli said...

Happy New Year to you too!!

Just so lovely with the story of the Swedish elephant :o)

Absolutely I will be attending your give away. If I'm lucky enough any of those lovelies would be a treat, but in order to pick just one out, I would choose the batik, because the art of making one is a mystery to me.

Liz said...

Hi there,
I just came across your blog through Jill Bent...and stumbled upon the giveaway! My goodness, I like each bag very much but I'm partial to the blue circles bag *and* the pink bag with a the big circle. So if i were to win, I have to leave the final choice up to you to surprise me!

-wishing you a bright and magical 2010-


meg said...

the birds are fantastic! happy new year to you and your little one. may the new year be free of random tantrums (oh if only...)

victoria said...

Happy new year!

Matias has also been getting presents in the post for several days now, most family didn't send them in time and they are slowly making their way here. It is a little tiresome and takes away some of the magic of christmas I think.

When in Spain we also celebrate the three kings arrival, and kids get (even more) presents on the 7th. Here in norway there is no celebration and we are back at work on the second of january.

It is difficult to choose only one of these fantastic pieces but I think I have fallen for the bird pouch :)
Have a nice weekend!

Ritva said...

i love the birds!

hope this new year will bring lots of love and joy to you and your family!

we have bright new snow here- and i love it! it´s like living in a wonderland :)

Francesca said...

wow, Magda, what a generous way to start the new year! Everything is so pretty, and I'm very partial to your batik.
PS Rebecca has a similar like/dislike fit for her slippers ... problem is we do need slippers on our cold tile floors!

Francesca said...

... and Happy New Year!

Lankastia said...

Happy new year to you!
You have a lovely blog and great crafts! I like the colors of the blue circle.

Jill said...

happy new year! what a great giveaway. i think i like the blue bag the best, but the embroidered birds are incredible also. i'm always amazed at your embroidery, it's so beautiful. i hope dominik will be happy with his bear again...tough choice, bear or elephant :)

Kasia said...

Happy New Year Magda!

Wow, what a wonderful selection of hand-made tresures to choose from... I have a weakness for bags so probably would choose one of those.. They're beautiful.

Wishing you many happy moments in 2010,

Fine Little Day said...

Wish you a great new year! If I could choose I would choose the birds, they are lovely :)

at swim-two-birds said...

happy new year to you too!!
i would love to have the birds in my possession :)

raining sheep said...

Oh WOW. I love your bags! I really would LOVE to win especially one of the pink bags - I love pink! I hope you are having a wonderful new year, hugs to you and Dominik of course. Those bears really are very cute. I am just sitting at home today and enjoying. It is -21C outside, a bit too cold for me.

christel said...

Hello !
First, HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I love the blue circles and the birds !

Thank you for your blog

Anonymous said...

the blue circles one is lovely. as is your blog ;-) gigi

Kaylovesvintage said...

happy new year

the birds are so cute

Michele P. said...

Happy New Year! All of the bags are lovely, but my favorite is the embroidered birds...

micaela6955 at msn dot com

la casita said...

happy 2010 to you and ur family!
what a great beginning...I mean the give away and not the tantrum ;)
I love the birds!

lilie-melo said...

oh, many lovely bags !
But I like even more the bird pouch... I'd be happy to be its lucky owner !!!
I'm thinking about a giveaway myself... as soon as I'll have some more visitors on my little space ;)

Silver Sisters said...

i tried and tried to find someone to give one of your bags to for Christmas, only to realize that it was ME that wanted one! I promise to give a loving home to the pink circle bag if given the chance.

andrea tachezy said...