Monday, August 29, 2011

Cute and goofy

It was Domík's first summer holiday. He LOVED being with mummy and daddy almost all the time. So much that he cannot wait to be in the kindergarten again. He dreams about his teacher. He says that both of his teachers are young, they are the same age. In fact, they are 20 and 50.

It was also my first working holiday. I have been missing the heavenly and blissful time on maternity leave.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New stuff

I have a new wooden necklace and the little guy has a new teddy bear. I made it. It looks like a voodoo sculpture, it was quickly sewn together. But it is cute.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I wanted to see this for long. It is not a performance for tourists as it may seem from pictures with those strangely dressed up people, it is a real life, or more accurately a living tradition: a pilgrimage to the St. Lawrence's church in the Chods' country in Bohemia. I think this is the last area in Bohemia where people have been wearing their folk costumes for church festivities without breaking the tradition. People used to wear folk costumes there even during week days still back in the 60s. They were more simple, of course, the skirts were pleated, women had short blazers or whatever the right vocabulary is, and wore black scarves similar to those in the pictures. I actually remember women in their daily folk costumes on a square in the town where I grew up. I grew up pretty close to the Chods' country. Nevertheless, I learned about the pilgrimage to the St. Lawrence from TV, two years ago. Such is a paradox of my longing for more authentic ethnographic experiences.