Monday, January 31, 2011

He turned four

My kid turned four. We had a quiche for dinner and a chocolate cake. And a couple of friends over. I will probably need to make a party with kids next time. I cannot imagine it. Despite the kid looks perplexed in the picture (a short moment of rethinking his few years in the world), he was excited. That he would get lot of presents. And so he did.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What is it, mummy?
Nothing... Just thinking.
What about?
My place in the world...
Aha. I see.

(dialog with my 4 years old)

Now on different subject. Two years ago we were in Lecce, down in Italy. I came across a picture of us that I have not seen since then. The teatrum is actually a part of the museum. Funny and old nice museum. They had photographs of better things from the ancient times that they could not have. Apart from few things, the museum was basically empty. And, despite this fact, I liked that it was a peaceful and quiet place in the middle of the old city, exactly the opposite of what the grand museums want to be today - lively, interactive, noisy, with crowds of people. They try to get rid off everything what makes them special. How come that things like time stood still and quiet strolling inside while looking at everything is not appreciated anymore? I know, the idea is to get more people inside. So they take the wrong path and turn themselves into an amusing park. Anyway, why I am complaining about museums right now, I wonder. It just came around...
The Lecce picture glows with heat.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


My little guy made this painting so that he had something to put in the frame. He noticed frames for the first time at an exhibition. He was enchanted by them. I was happy because otherwise he would be bored to dead there. I do not blame him, although I had a good time. When he came home he announced to his daddy (the owner of stretching frames) that he had a new project and that he needed to work on it right away. First he did not seem to understand that he is supposed to paint on paper and then he can put it in a frame, that much he was amazed. I like what he painted. His black period is over, for now.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


My husband likes this style, I am lucky. The next commission is a colorful sweater with some weird pattern. I cannot wait.

I was inspired by this scarf.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Brooch

Here he is, my goofy, with his little brooch. (I held the fabric and made sure he poked the needle from the right side. Other than that it is all his work).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Folks and Brooch

I am happy you liked the previous post, maybe I can reveal some family history in few sentences here, I do not have many pictures though, let me find some and take pictures of the pictures.
My parents when they were twenty something, I guess. My dad was tall and skinny, it changed when he was around 40, after he had rebuilt a house for us he grew strong and became the most handsome dad in the vicinity. He has been nice and caring all his life, did not show much of a male self-conceit so typical here, which I appreciate a lot. I like looking at my parents in these pictures how they used to like hanging out together.

Last picture, an embroidered brooch that I made before Christmas, first it was a present for the kindergarten teacher but after I imagined her possibly perplexed expression I gave up. Domik likes it, however, and he made one for himself. Believe me, I will show you next time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Old pictures

My grandma. Born 1909, two kids, died early. I never met her. Talented painter, spent some time at the academy, ended up as a seamstress and a dress maker. Almost went to New York in 1930s to take an apprenticeship as a milliner at one compatriot lady but it was crisis and fashion changed and hats were out. I thought of her when I climbed out of the train station in Big Apple this summer.

Second: My mum. My dad liked taking pictures of her. I think so, we have many nice ones. She was photogenic (she still is in her late sixties!) and he liked his Flexaret. Necessary to say, I am also intrigued by her hand knitted sweater. If she only knew what I am showing here....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Noro Moro

I liked knitting this sweater. I had announced its birth earlier. I enjoyed the temptation to see what the color combination would turn out next. That way I did not get bored with the knitting. Unfortunately, it was too small for me. So I made it for my niece. I hope she is going to wear it.
The Saltimbanco's Harlequin has a nice sweater, too (the last picture).