Friday, May 22, 2015


Midnight port in Tokyo

Night architecture from the 800 up today

In Nara international guests feed tame deers in the rain (right)

The architecture of the street as seen from the train

Disorderly order of the street in the Japanese city (left)

Electrical railway, laid across the patterned landscape

Pretty divers for unknown treasures in shells

Visions of the lonely foreigner (right)

River port

Island port

Constant scrum at crossroads in Tokyo

"Tinkered" landscape of the nation that uses a phone the most

Made in Japan, this book by this writer and artist. In fact, you can get it much cheaper in Czech used book stores. It is from 1958, he traveled to Japan to take part in writers' meeting, therefore there is a long chapter about that in the book too, accompanied with caricatures of the other writers. His report on what he had seen and experienced in the country is fresh and nice, only when he gets to moralize on politics it gets little annoying. I read some of the parts to the little guy, while he was building from Lego, he liked it. He asked for it again today but the book has gone back to the library. The pictures are really cool. The captions are translated from the book. The writer is still little bit persona non grata in the Czech culture, for his political statement, as an artist he is worth it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

we love you dad

In Venice, the little guy said at one point, when we finally made it to San Marco, crowded more than ever, he said: this is not a square, this is a tourist square and I want to go home to daddy. But we had nice time anyway. He did not say he liked it yet but he will eventually. We made it to the coast too. I have to say it was probably the best part for me, because it was an unexpected little trip. Back home I worked mildly and did not turn on the computer for the whole three days weekend. It felt good. It was hard to turn it on on Monday morning.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Two houses

We were thinking of finding something bigger. The little guy was absolutely against it. I only got him into it by naming what he could put in his two hypothetical rooms. But we are not getting it in the end. The scent of manure in the neighborhood won over us, town naive people, who have neither money or skills to take on such a task of repairing an old house. I can imagine perfectly what I do with it from the moment the wires, pipes and heating are in, the roof and the chimney is fixed and the walls prevented from the moisture and the pile of wood is in the shed which does not exist yet. I am still thinking about the house anyway. Instead, we tore down the kid's little play house in my dad's living room, I used to play with that house a lot, and these kids, my nieces and the little guy, it seems like no time and they have grown out of it.