Thursday, November 27, 2008

Things for little people

Legwarmers for an 8 years old performed on a 30 something years old. Cast on 56 stitches and knit on two needles size 5. The rope pattern in the middle takes 16 stitches. Yarn: Austermann Inka, wool and alpaca.

I made these jeans for the little guy, I sewed them out of my old ones. I cut the front parts together with the "ready made" button part, I also left all the original decorative seams and sew the pieces together just next to them. In a similar way I inserted the original front pockets and reused the old belt.

I kind of want them to look like that it has been redone from the old jeans, that there is some wit in creating clothes but I also enjoyed hiding it and making up the way how to get closest to the original pair of jeans.
Click on them to see them larger!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Frogs!

White snowy pictures everywhere, so I am coming straight with Christmas ones.

This is a so called matrix for linocut prints. I ll be sending it out as Christmas cards. Happy joint project of my husband who drew it and me who cut it. For some reason frog and mushroom together represent happiness and luck and they appear on Christmas cards. On the old ones though. As they were so popular their beauty vanished and they became kitchy. And I think it is their time again, to come back. I don't have pictures of the cards but I have few nice illustrations from 19th century books, some of them by Richard Ricky Doyle. Mushrooms, fairies, pucks, trolls etc.
But they cannot compete with my husband's one!

And it is also time for gnomes. They bring luck. Did you know that? Especially when you carry them around in your pocket. This one was found on a flea market, he called my name, so I went and got it.

The smaller guy is a ground frost and he doesn't have a magic power, he is just in a fairy tale in a book from when I was a kid. It is a Christmas time so we pulled it out and read it before bedtime.
I wish you happy and relaxed Christmas preparations.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Special Edition: Cottage

I was going to show my son what the real countryside is. Open landscape, houses far on horizon, plowed fields, wind in tree tops and first of all no dirt, just that kind of clean dirt. Place where he can run wherever he wants to. He was perplexed. He is a city man. He likes watching cars going by, people around, noises and smells and mainly he likes cafes, where people bring something yummy to you on your table. None of this here in the village. Just some wet grass he was afraid to step on, open vast fields and endless sky were rather scary than beautiful.
As for me, I actually remember similar feelings from my own childhood and I grew up in a small town! I remember that everything in the countryside was yukky, who knows why, I definitely have the opposite idea today when I take Dominik out and have to prevent him from all the mess laying around. There is nothing wrong with wet rotten leaves on a muddy wood path anymore. So, my son will have to get used to this new type of outings I am going to do with him. Otherwise, I have nothing against the cafe regulars, because I am a one.

More pics at flickr.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kitchen Poetry 3

Making phonecall. Haló!

Rybovaření / Kitchen Poetry 2

How am I going to feed the fish with dumplings?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kitchen Poetry

So this is my contribution to this Kitchen Poetry show that simple sparrow is hosting this week. Honestly, this pic is little outdated but as there are no rules I guess it doesn't matter. My kitchen today was exceptionally left abandoned most of the day and maybe a nice picture of a place taking its rest would be nice but, sorry, nothing turned out of it well. Lets see tomorrow....
And by the way, I looked up the other participating pictures, they are hard to compete with. I think that many cuisine and interior magazines could be envy of them. This blogging world has become as good, if not better, as them!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

No Halloween in Czech Republic

Pictures from Halloween parties have been around blogs lately. Here we don't have it but we have All Saint's Day on the 1st of November. The main activity is to go to cemetery and light up candles on graves of your relatives. Our deceased are far away so we went to a cemetery in the neighborhood, which is also the biggest in Prague and has many old and abandoned graves. It looks spooky at places. But on this special day it was packed with people and it felt very comfortable to walk around, the graveyards lit in the night. Dominik liked it especially, it was his first experience of this kind.