Friday, February 20, 2015


The little guy had a carnival/mardigra at school yesterday, I am actually glad he does not enjoy dressing up in masks, than I dont need to make them. I like making stuff but not masks really. These facial masks are fine. I like the way he coloured it. He was dancing in it, his moves kind of resembled Jagger's moves, he has watched him in videos too much. We have a spring holiday ahead of us, my husband has been wandering what is that spring break for? Why? I don't know why. I just always liked it. I am working on a book about a 19th century painter of indigenous people - translation. Pretty interesting. (The picture here is not related to it)
Masopust - mardigra or carnival in Czech is also a Czech surname. Funny, he?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Regular saturday

The little guy asked me the other day: How did you come across dad as your husband? What a funny thing to say! One would not make up such a question, it is a real life question, a real kid question. I tried to remember. Of course, I can remember. And then the little guy said: And who came up first  with getting married? He is interested in these things since they are discussing such stuff at his school during the breaks. Who loves who and who admits it and who does not. It is still fun, even for me when I listen to it later in my kid's interpretation.

The necklace is made out of straws, as you can probably tell, we all got one, plus a toy dinosaur, panda and penguin got one too.