Monday, February 22, 2010


Book on 1950s fabrics, by Victoria and Albert Museum, The Fifties. I had to have it after I had seen a post on it by La Casita. Thank you Casita! Scroll down, two posts bellow there is our 1950s fabric reflecting in a mirror in our room. My mum bought it in that time in Plzeň in some minor shop, considering that not much nice stuff was available at the time here, it was a good find. We had two, in the early 1990s I made a pair of wide pants out of it and I wore them till they completely wore out. They were classy.

The 50s or 60s facade of the block of flats in Vienna.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Winter Holiday

We went to see grandma and granddaddy for a few days. We went sledging, it started snowing on our very first day, we had it well planned.
The puppet theatre on the fourth picture is a pretty amazing case. I don't know how common these are but this one hasn't changed since it started to play some hundred years ago. Same old puppets, same backdrops, same sound effects. The fairy tales are kind of classy and kids stamp their feet before beginning the same way like we used to do when we were little. The entrance fee was equal to 0,50 euro.
The interesting thing is that the theatre isn't considered rare, antique, unique or too old, although people are aware that it is old, but they don't go there for the antiquity of it. It is a theatre that has always been like that, it lives in no time and parents keep sending their kids there not because of tradition, but because there is nothing else there.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

entre nous

Thank you all for the expressed sorrow over my lost pictures, but I was able to get them out. The computer is dead though and I will not have a new one untill summer. I think I can survive it, even my blogging venture will survive, without having to stop. It will not even harm my possible work, here and there, some translation and helping in the publishing house - if they keep a promise and give me a valuable work. I realized I cannot work full time being a mother, I didn't think about it untill now, after I found out there is no way how to get my kid to and from kindergarten and be on time at work. Not mentioning that kindergartens, the state ones, are full and I cannot actually put my kid in a kindergarten at all. Not mentioning that the kid cannot stay away from his mummy for very long.

So I will continue doing nothing on doctorate, apart from being a librarian every two weeks for three hours, embroider and do some work, here and there.

Entre nous, I am happy this will not affect our mornings with Domík, playing and doing little art projects for kids (mummies) and running errands together and having coffee breaks in cafes. We both love them.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Computer love

My notebook crashed, such a nice time I am having now. I read for example, sit and stare, it is good to do, too. Well, right now I am sitting at my husbands computer. Luckily, for my free time outside of computer, he sits here a lot. On the other hand, I had to redo a work I had started before the big crash. How many of us has to face up the fact that everything is lost suddenly, out of nothing, without being backed up and with no hope to be retrieved back? I lost images of Domik that is the only thing I care for. My article from my doctorate work has been sent on its journey to Germany just a day before, other than that I haven't done anything new on it, am I not lucky after all?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Artist in his Studio

Painting blue, Prague is blue, sky is blue and the photos had blue cast. He was painting, showing his best pieces and giving tour round his exhibition. Hanging up pieces was very challenging for the little guy. "Paint more!"