Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My bunny is six

 Little guy was 6 today. He couldn't wait to be a big boy, what he calls it. He is so greedy, all he cared for were presents! First he said he didn't like the cake and then, after getting presents from daddy and granddaddy he demanded a present from me. "And what from mummy?" It made me quite sad. So I pulled a sweet doggy - a toy, I brought it in in a basket and the toy doggy jumped out of the basket and licked the little guy. He gave it a hug. Then he gave a hug to me. At least, there are still some moments of love.

1st pic - we shopped in a children's theatre little store
2nd pic - a winter hat, leftovers, funny, for whoever will wear like to wear it

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yeah, but I like this one better!!!! I should have waited to discover this and hop on my project from a broader perspective.
Jo Jackson's sweaters


Crazy knittig going on here. I am glancing at a picture of a Bauhaus wall hanging by Max Peiffer Watenphul from 1921. Berocco yarn and something red to exaggerate.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New tenant

It is actually one of the three Magis. He appeared here after a visiting to a workshop at the kid's theatre, the little guy goes there almost every weekend now. I appreciate that he likes it. The stuff they make is pretty easy looking and it is good. They make whatever is within the little kids abilities. Unlike in his kindergarten I must say. But about that on different day. So for example here he learned how to make knots in some five minutes and without screaming his head off that he was not even going to try which is exactly what he would have done to me if I had tried to teach him that.

The grin is super smiley.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


The little kid will turn 6 in few weeks. He will enroll in school in just about two weeks, too. He cannot wait to go to school, oh, my little boy. Finding a good school is a hard job, how do I know that the school is good? I wanted to send him to a local one so that he goes with his friends from kindergarten and he has new friends in the neighborhood but then I saw the school, saw the teachers and I felt like being back at school myself, has anything changed there since I was a little kid myself? So we will try to enroll in the one where they make a test before they accept a kid. And the teachers look happier. He would go to the elite school (non-payed though) but good for him.