Sunday, September 29, 2013

Things from D. from me and from daddy

The little guy made a bookmark for everybody in the family. Mine is 1 turned the other way. Lot of translation going on here. Every now I have a flashback of memory and I see myself picking rosehips in the field at the place we go to for holidays. Or me and the little guy on the way to the river. Or me and the little guy .. I am planning my next weekend.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

hammock and school

I made a hammock for his bear. Or a kangaroo, a panda or for Woody. I stretched it next to his bed, so that they can sleep next to each other. The guys fall down of it, they cannot stay still. It was Domik's idea, the hammock. And he started his school. It is still quite easy and it will be for a while. The first week he started the school I realized that I started it with him, that the school entered my life again although I thought I was done with it. Believe me, it made me sick. The little guy loves it. And he is in love with Lucka, he committed today. Is she in love with you? I asked. Not yet, answered he.