Friday, March 23, 2012


They have some poetry written on the sidewalk in our park, it is a project of the city, and I was reading it out loud as I found it while taking my kid from the kindergarten. It was a nice and emotional love letter from the 19th century, lot of weird stuff you don't hear today. The words winded along the path as I was walking.
Are you just talking for yourself, mum? Domík asked.
Yes, yes, I am just murmuring whatever comes to my mind, kid.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Indian headband

We made an Indian headband on one of our sick days. Little guy looks like a some kind of carnival Indian.
Today I wrote a tiny bit of my dissertation. It was my free day from work. I feel relieved that I have done some job on it. I feel like I need to reward myself with some fun activity for tonight. I can: sit and knit, listen to some radio programme, watch another surreal movie, watch another Italian detective movie, read that Russian writer that I only heard of, browse through Flickr toys and do something, browse through the favorites and immerse in them, look at Intelligent clashing if something is new, plan another sweater, pull out my yarn supply and look at it, watch Domík sleeping ... And before I am finished naming all that stuff the night falls in and I can go to bed. Good night.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Great doodles

I found these theatre programmes the other day in an archive by coincidence. They are from the 1966, for the naive and puppet theatre. They are different programmes put together for the storage purposes, therefore there is that weird spiral spine. The drawings are unique even for that crazy time. I like them and I like the lightness and ease the graphic artist decorated the pages with. They are great doodles.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am visiting at my parents. These are pics from my dad's computer. He has such stuff there. They show taking down church bells during the Second World War in our little town. There is my dad at the age of three and my granddad in the first pic. The bells were from 1757 or something and they ended up as rifles on a battlefield. Sad. I like the second photo a lot, it doesn't show any people, only pair of human hands on the right pulling the rope and half of a statue on the other, action in the middle. For those who like recycling, the church in the second pic later got a bell from a church that had been pulled down in the 1950s as a water dam was built in the place where it stood. No less sad than the first case.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New apartment

We redesigned the apartment. New wallpapers, painted with pencils. Giant mushrooms in the room. Plants growing from sea shells. The plants throw shadows on the wall and create faces. Or one face. And one sea shell.

Yeah, yeah, I know, those mushrooms, my greatest sculptural achievement ever, that I have to include into pictures every now and then, so there is no way you would believe me I was showing you something life size in the first picture. Mushrooms, they are great props for photo shoot of any theme and subject.

I was actually getting tired of our handy craft weeks with Domík during his sick time. He is in school again and now I can start missing it from the beginning.