Friday, September 28, 2012

A cook-out

As I mentioned I made some food for the opening. Just four quiches and a salad but a hell lot of work. The opening was a success. The place is cool, it is tiny and seen by a lot of people. No links, sorry, I cannot find it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Portrait and a sweater

  So back to knitting. I finished this piece just right on time. I actually started a year ago so it is perfect timing in the end. First one of this kind, nice and cosy hand painted yarn, little different shades of brown in each ball. Other than knitting: we are going to the mountains on Friday, the kid is looking up hotels on the internet (yes, you read right, my 5 years old), he puts down notes in his little notebook (so cute) and dreams. My work: searching the archives to supply pictures for a book for one show. Mood: steady. Appetite: large. Oh, and we are getting ready for my husbands show, the preparations mainly consist in making up a menu for the guests, the gallery owner likes cooking and eating. Quiche, salad, banana bread. I will show you how it went.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


There are many hand made books like these in our house now. It looks like by a 3-years old but it doesn't matter. He made it all by himself, starting with the idea. There are pipes in the walls, a roof frame, a plan of the basement. I like the style.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Years ago, when I started to dig in the archive and found an interesting stuff about one picture collection that was once famous but was for long forgotten, I thought I was the only one who was interested in it. And maybe some two or three other scholars. I brought out what I could, what I was able to read and what I was able to reconstruct. To my surprise, I figured out some key moments in the rise and descent of the collection. I had an article in a book, rich, long, enthusiastic (with some factual mistakes on top). Few months later I received a letter from Magonza that my findings are of special interest among local scholars there. I was pleased, what can I say. With the help of certain people, I could fix some parts of my article and republish it in their Zeitschrift. I started my PhD., found more stuff in the same archive, it was better than anything before, I had it translated and started to show it around. Then I realized how overwhelmed I am with my regular job and with my studies. My kid was in the kindergarten all day and I started to feel nervous. So I gave up the PhD. Good bye. I am traveling to a castle in West Bohemia today. A circle of people from Magonza are visiting there and they asked me to give them a tour. It is my Swan's song of my research. After I come back home I will put all the papers in boxes, shovel them deep inside of the cupboard and walk away. From then on my life will be easier.