Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yarn Delights

As I was ordering yarn from Rosa Pomar, I came across a knit piece in her on-line shop which showed how to use Noro yarn in a more witty way. I had to give it a try right away. You have two Noro skeins and you knit a zig zag pattern and you switch the two skeins in every row. Sometimes the colors melt when they get similar. It doesn't matter. It is a part of it. Also, I have the zig zags in different size, sometimes three knit rows, sometimes four. It is more scattered that way.

The yarn is Portuguese, the gray and the brown one, the colored one is Nimbus, merino, Atelier Zitron in Germany.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Pictures from short yet desired trip to Munich this Saturday. I spent lot of time in Munich in the past, still it feels little undiscovered for me. Living must be easier here, although more expensive. It doesn't feel exactly close to my heart but there is something familiar, maybe because I come just from the other side of the border, Munich is only three hours away. So it is more the landscape, especially the hilly parts of Bavaria that I like a lot. But I also like the old architecture, richly decorated churches and chateaus, kind of too much, but I find myself enjoying them. They are spread all over the country, and somehow it fits there perfectly. Art and landscape used to work well together.

Monday, May 17, 2010


The title would translate Discourse about the Lift, in German actually translated as Diskurs ueber den Lift, doesn't exist in English or French. Nothing in English by this writer, in French her art historian books only and one theater drama. She blew my mind, didn't know her fiction writing until some three years ago. You don't learn at school about the best writers.

Anyway, I was going to mention typography, the cover is stylized like the vertical lines of an elevator (paternoster), part of the title coming down, the other coming up. And there are variations on the same thing inside of the book. Work of Jiří Rathouský, published in 1965.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Visiting with Pipi Long Stocking

This little girl and her siblings are lucky kids, growing in such a unique place. It is not only the charming little house, it is also the place, somewhere between the baroque chateau and a botanic garden. The area is quite hilly and at places undeveloped as a city. It has traces of the village from before and people mostly have their gardens there that they commute to from their apartments down in the city. Poetic as it can be.

Perhaps only the wild boars that have been digging in their flower beds lately would be little annoying for me.

Where is the street, where are the cars?

The other day me and Domik stepped away from our regular path and turned into this winding and little steep road paved with coble stones and lined with trees and gardens. For me it is a charming piece of Prague, as if it was some strange fold that kept the 19th century in itself. One reason is that it is a protected area for natural sights. It is a village inside of Prague. My friend lives here. She lives in a garden similar to one of these, in a kind of a cottage house, with her growing family.
Mummy, mummy, give me a hand! Mummy, where is the street, where are the cars? Domik chattered as we started to climb up. So his view of home, place where he feels save, is already determined. How can he feel uncomfortable in such a poetic spot? No cars, no people! That is it. It is empty, no sign of motion, too many hiding places where weird creatures can poke their heads out and who knows what else!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I wanted to make something more fun, something that little girls could wear or have. So I started with these mini bags, still the same pattern but more cheerful, and the old good birds. The first one with a strap over a shoulder, similar one is being under the construction now. The second one is a purse, pouch or whatever they are called in the English world.

And I had super models over a weekend at hand. The wall behind turned out quite photogenic, too.