Monday, March 24, 2014


Little guy designed a computer game. I kept staring at the picture for a while but did not realize what I was looking at. I just saw a strange and intriguing image. Only after he told me, I got it - the keyboard, the mouse, the screen. He had seen a retro computer game video and he has not stopped thinking about making one. He doesn't know what a hard job it is. He thinks his daddy can do it easily. Images of computer screens by kids are fun.

The sweater is almost finished. And so is winter. It will be a three cold days sweater.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Český Ráj

We went to Český Ráj the other day. The Czech Paradise in translation. It is so picturesque. It is picturesque like the 19th century Romanticists imagined the ideal landscape should be. They must have been happy about this piece of country. There are ruined castles, close to each other so you can visit them on a half day walking trip, there are sandstone reefs and strangely shaped rocks, landscape views into distance, forests and villages with folk architecture of wooden cottages. It is so picturesque that after a day of sun shining on my head I felt sick anytime I looked at another rocky formation or trace of building activities of preceding centuries. Don't hesitate to visit though, it is beautiful.
The little guy happily went with his parents on a trip. He had a lot to talk about on the way. Lego stuff, Clay Jam and what he is going to do when he gets home. In between he exclaimed that he loved forest and rocks and that he could not wait for Spring.