Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1 2 3

My kid is starting to get interested in numbers. Finally... I like this 1 2 3 composition that he made and some graphic designers might like it too. Each number is reversed and so it is the whole row. I guess we can say that he is left handed.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I made the pictures blue. They are blue like my memories from the time when I used to play with this doll house. With this baby doll, too. It hold its little baby doll that I made out of paper and painted from both sides to approach the reality.
My grandma used to live in this house, the one with the hipped roof. Time stood still there, the chicks keep pecking around, rabbits cuddle with kids and my aunt still cooks on the fire wood stove.
Domík does not shut his mouth all day. I like it, and I like the most when he is finally quiet.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Barcelona II

The first picture was taken at the train station Barcelona Franca, it is an old bar from the 1960s, closed down and photographed through a glass door, the arches are actually in the main hall behind me. A little sign next to the door showed a bow tie and reminded me that back in those times people dressed more formally and perhaps more nicely.
2 - How do they maintain the plaster?
3 - Font that was hard to read. Gracia
4 - A medieval painting, part of a cycle depicting a story of a saint. Taken in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. One would think that it is a smaller collection of regional art. No. Although it does sometimes relates to the region, it is mainly a grand show of beautiful works.
5 - Cathedral.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011






It is hard to write something short and concise about this trip. I have been still digesting my experience. And I still cannot put up with reality back at home. Prague is a country town compared to this delirious city. It is not only high and narrow houses with plants flowing down from balconies and busy city streets, scents of yummy food on every corner and always something nice to look at in shops and on the streets. Sense of fashion and sense of color and good taste. I have read somewhere that people living by the sea (compared to those without the sea, us) are confronted with something bigger then they are every day, horizon, the sea, something that exceeds them, and it influences their character. I was not there long enough to learn about people. I don't speak the language and I only guess what it is like to live there. I can only say that the life there must be more colorful.
Prague is my older lady, lazily rolling between quiet ponds.