Friday, July 11, 2014

TIe-dye batik

I got inspired by these pictures on Fine Little Day blog. Tie-dye batik. They look better in real, I tell you. They are so big and the patterns on them look like x-ray pictures or insects, row of bees and sawyers, you can watch them endlessly. Well, before you finally get tired of them. I am sure the Czech Hindu people living across the street from us are envious now..

A quote

Napsala školačka do návštěvní knihy na jedné výstavě:
"Bylo to moc krásné, a byly takové věci, který jsou takové, že skoro nemůžu jít dál jsou tak krásné."

A school kid wrote in the visitor's book at the exhibition:
"It was so beautiful, and such things were that they are such that I cannot almost keep walking how beautiful they are."

This show.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lovely holiday

Lovely holiday so far. Really. Only if it wasn't for the bad accident my dad had at the pool. He slipped and here we go: concussion, stitches, screening, bleeding, operation. He is depressed, my kid had a shock, I am holding together.