Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This morning

This is our 1950s like collage that we whipped up before going to school this morning. Domik liked cutting papers in tiny little pieces and I pasted them on a paper like the Sun rays. I had to use a tweezer.

I couldn't resist not trying this. It is easy to do, I don't exactly know what it could be used for, but it is pretty so far. I will put more colors. It is good if you have a paper plate at hand. And cut an uneven number of little triangles, it is important for weaving. Domik, of course, was ready to set to work and I let him. He tried hard and didn't get angry when it didn't work for him. My boy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Folder Kitchen

Mieke Willems
had a nice post recently on living places with a spirit, pictures from a folder called Huis. No stress on design but they could compete with a regular magazine on house and living, so good looking these places are.
I have a similar folder. I have been collecting kitchens since I had one done from a design studio. It wasn't bad but expensive. So here you have examples of good looking, spiritual and inexpensive kitchens. I apologize to those of you whose kitchen I use and don't give you a credit because I forgot where the picture comes from.


Janovice nad Uhlavou


Knick Knack


Liivian Talossa

Kitchen in the house of my parents. My dad made the cupboards. Simple and nice. Thanks to the vaulting of the ceiling.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I don't know how about there where you live but here the winter is just not going to give up. Luckily, we have our Sailor Pekka (this is how we shortened the original title) with its Mediterranean atmosphere. This and the houses in the book inspired our collage. Dominik got especially interested in aerials, the black and the brown one. Somehow he put up with a vague explanation of what they are.
The crocheted spring bag surpassed my expectations. Not only it looks good with my winter coat it also hold lot of stuff! (It stretches almost down to your knees.)
Dominik is making phone call with his grandma. He doesn't speak all that clearly yet but he talks a lot and points to things that he is talking about as if she could see them. Granny loves it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sailor and Pekka

I got this book from Elizabeth. Sailor guy and his clever dog Pekka that wears shoes on all its four paws but can walk on two. The three stories are the simplest but so nice that you almost want them to be your stories. Sailor is buying a sweater, Sailor gets sick, Sailor goes to church on Sunday. You can figure it out without speaking Swedish, of course, it is a comic book, after all.
The style is nice. The painter pretends uneducated style but all the action happens on the background of perfectly drawn houses and old timers driven by animals dressed up as people. There are actually people too and they stop and talk to their animal neighbors just like that. Oh, Sailor and his neo-functionalist cottage under the Mediterranean Sun. It seems we are in Portugal but people have Swedish names, even Mrs Jackson (last picture) seems to have one. She is Sailor's secret love.

The CD is pretty funny. We even went that far and listened to it. Mrs Jackson is a good singer. She sings gospels in church.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


These ladies appeared in a good company here. Have a look at other stuff there, nice choices.