Thursday, May 22, 2014


The longest time I look at books is when I exercise for my back. I stand in front of the computer, do whatever a lady there shows is the best for the back and while repeating devoutly everything I stare at shelf backs of our books. And usually I see something I didn't know was there.
So I noticed this book. It is about children's photography. In the 1970s, the author, a photographer herself, lead a course for school kids in Appalachia. The kids were taking pictures of their families, making self-portraits and, which is the freaky part, presentation of their dreams. One series like that is called I dreamt the twins tried to kill each other. The kids were passionate photographers but once they reached puberty, the fantasy and interest wasn't there anymore. I like the atmosphere of the pictures, time period and the whole process of making a thing to happen. The way the kids are eager for something interesting going on.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


While in Vienna, hanging out in a bookstore and snapping whatever I didn't have time for in the museum, I came across this book, the last copy and abandoned, beautiful and promising, and on sale on top of everything, so I got it for Domi. It is a reprint, the original came out in 1961. It's about trading things for bigger and bigger, it's about dreaming, and, of course, there is nothing in the end, just a butterfly flying off your hand...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

on my own

I went to Vienna on my own. I wanted to go somewhere abroad, walk around a large picture gallery there, look at everything thoroughly and have lot of time to do that. So I went to Vienna. It is not so much abroad since it is quite similar to Prague, of course it would have been better to travel to Madrid and go to Prado which I haven't seen yet, but Vienna is a day trip from Prague and Kunsthistorisches is good, too. So I took a train and in some four hours I was there. Next time I need to go for two days.