Friday, August 29, 2008

Merino Star Trek

Sleeveless sweater from Merino 6 ply, needles 8, ordered through the and announced earlier
. The yarn is perfect, it is soft and thick and it will be hard to go back to acrylic stuff that is waiting for me unfinished somewhere. The pattern, as you guess, doesn't exist, the vest is T-shaped and the cables swing and twist as they come. The tightened parts are part of the effect.

It is kind of obvious that it is a sort of a crude sweater, knitted as the idea was developing in my head. So, the biggest influence, the idea of crossed cables comes from here, this girl has amazing sweaters, knits fast and on top of it she looks very stylish and takes very stylish photographs of herself. When I spotted it I knew it was a time to reconsider my knitting, that I should forget about classics, at leas for now, and get wild. Now I feel in it like being in a science-fiction movie from the 70s. It is the shoulder part that recalls the fashion of that time and the cables look like an interior of a dangerous machine. I like it. I wonder, how does merino wash?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My creations

This is what I created. A year and half ago. It is sweet and soft and likes to play.

I also created a heading for a dictionary of art historians for my own person. Sounds strange but it is true. Most of the time writing it I spent on working out the "short characteristic of the art historian activity, specialization of the research interest". Quite tricky, considering that I am somewhere at the beginning (or at the end?). And now it's going to be printed in a book forever! I even got my husband to help me but he lost his patience and left the room.

Other than that, I have been creating some silly things for my little guy, but I will wait for them to be ready to post them. So far he has to walk naked.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Knitting in progress

Monday, August 11, 2008

Psycho Test II

This man knits his sculptures. He is actually one of the naive artists who have been finally discovered after they life long struggle with life and art. His name is Alfred Stief, he is a German and our friend in Berlin, who is involved with naive art and art brut has visited him to be able to promote him on the art fair AND SHE HAS A NICE PIECE BY HIM. Even nicer than those on the pictures here that are downloaded from the internet. I say nicer but it is actually as nice as the color one in the third picture (it was the garter stitch and the way the colors mingle in it that attracted me) but the sexual sign has been delicately removed or hidden so that it could have been shown on the art fair in US. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

July has gone

maminky diplomka, část Červenec / mum´s thesis, one of the twelve parts

I don´t mean to be sentimental, the title just occured to me, because I am putting up this picture. It is very summery and so it is my holiday at my parents, with the little guy and finally with the bigger guy as well. Lot of swimming and sunbathing. The river is amazing.

So, the piece is called July. My mum made it as one of many for her thesis from Art education sometime in the 80s. It is the only one she didn´t get rid of and it still decorates the hall in the old house. It is also the nicest.