Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air, so Dominik is getting a sleeveless vest to wear under his jacket. It is only getting ready, few more things and we are ready to take a photo shoot in a full scale.

I made a skirt for myself from this beautiful batik cloth. I only wonder why I hadn't bought enough of it for the whole dress. It could have been such a nice African style dress. It is a real batik, no print, real stuff. Comes from Jo Ann's fabrics, picked personally. Material: cotton, the pattern: Burda design.

This skirt is much smaller. I saw a similar one at the Tiny Happy's blog and just felt like making one myself. My 6 years old niece got it this Christmas, so it waited a while to be displayed here. The pattern is the simplest as you can imagine.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pillow and a Ram

Psychedelic 1970s pillow, I would call it. In fact, my mum made it much later, but it is not important. She stuffed a heart shaped pillow in this circular crocheted case. I love her. I love her utilitarian style, of course, she didn't go to the store to get these special shades of color, she used whatever she found in the house. She has an eye. There were more funky pillows in our house but I couldn't find them.

Talking about psychedelic 70s, this bedtime story for kids comes to my mind. Yes, for kids. A little ram there meets a sad plant that persuades the ram to have a bite of it so that it wouldn't be so sad anymore and after the ram does it, the plant sets a spell on it. Now, what is going on with the little ram there is a pure droggy experience, however I cannot say from an own experience, which is only a proof how obvious it is. I am sure kids like that part.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fairy tale house

Reading about the Fine Little Day's dreamy summer house made me post these few photos of a cottage in the south of the Czech Republic that is of a special interest for me, not so much for the reason that I would want it but rather for the fact that it stands very close to a house I used to live in but only recently, through the announcement of a real estate agency, I have found out about its treasury.

Well, the treasury... depends on what one considers to be a treasury. I did notice the house when I lived in that village (I had a new job in a place near by and I lived in my old aunt's house that by the way was not at all as beautiful) but there are other cottages like that around here. Now turns out that this one is a part of an old fortress, I also knew about the former fortress somewhere behind the cottage, but didn't notice that they were connected like one building.

It means that the origins of the house, let's say at least the walls, date back to 16 - 17th century.

And the interior has been preserved pretty nicely too, although it is not as old. Not only there are ceramic and fully functional stoves in each room

but not much has changed in the rooms

since van Gogh stayed here

sorry for this impertinence but I couldn't help this comparison

but the most amazing thing I am keeping for the very end

and it is an old wooden water mill that is basically functional, the mill is INSIDE of this triple house, you can see the roof of it in the second picture, it has been here the whole time these buildings exist (different machines though) and it worked until the 1950s when planned economy and cooperative agriculture took over.

And yes, one more thing, according to the estate agency, part of the sale is an entrance to an underworld sorry underground corridor that used to connect the old fortress with the medieval castle some three km away. They say the entrance has been bricked up.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I know, I know

How many of such awkward pictures have you seen on these so called "creative blogs"? One of those many shameful attempt to take a photograph of oneself. Still, I decided to show it since the bag didn't turn out all that great, so you cannot see it in its entire misery, which is fine, also the camera assumed that fact pretty quickly and decided to focus rather on my husband in the background.

On request I am putting up a picture of the bag in its entire - beauty. I like those bags I have been seeing around a lot, those with gathered top sewed up firm. I also wanted it to be rather big so that it would hold lot of goodies but it ended up rather too big. Anyway, here it goes.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is in Germany

Went there on weekend to see some friends and escape from our beloved child for one night. It was hard. Especially for mummy as it turned out when we came back, our happy child probably didn't miss us a bit the whole time his grandparents were spoiling him with their love.

The Noro vest is getting in shape, now, run out of Noro, I am trying to figure out how to continue. For some reason I am imagining dark blue for the back and if I make sleeves, then I want them pale brown. What do you think?

Cathedral in Budyšin (Bautzen), Ober Laussitz in Saxonia. Curious area with a Slavic minority - Sorbians - that fights for its language and culture to survive.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An old picture

I found this one among hundreds we have made since our lives changed. And it is a completely different one than the others, it is rich, it catches details in an overloaded room, the sun pushing through the window, portrait of me hidden in a shadow, everything hidden in a shadow, even the sun light seems to have a hard time to get inside. It actually gives the room a depth. The tapestry is still on the window. Do you see the baby? And I was still nicely round.