Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer Vibes

Yesterday I saw my cousin, the one I used to play with as a kid. We agreed that the most romantic and film-like summer holiday was the one when we were 13 or 14 and we spent it with a friend of us, Lenka, at her grandma's on a farm. Oh Lenka, she had it so good there! We just showed up one day and stayed few days and had the nicest time. It was on the edge of being little girls yet allowed to go out on their own, we were running around like kids and we imagined we had adventures in what we though was the real world. The setting was perfect, farm house, geese, pond, striped blankets in the window, great grandma on bed in the kitchen, rich fields and the cloudless sky. We were completely free and we had each other.

I do not see my cousin so much nowadays but she has a good influence on me, I always get some positive vibe from her. Maybe it is a feeling of security of home.

(I did not mean to be pathetic today.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Telephone pics

These are mobile phone pics. I picked especially those scattered, unfocused, grainy because such an imperfection belongs to the mobile phone photography. Snapped in a hurry and awkwardly. My little guy took some of them. But the first and third one, those capture the view the way it really looked, on one misty morning at the 1980s housing estate in winter on top of it. Prosek is the only cool looking housing estate that I know in Prague. It was build with love for this type of houses and urban planning, I dare to say.

Friday, April 8, 2011


On one of the last visits at my parents Dominik and me climbed the attic, opened a mysterious wooden trunk (yes, an old fashioned well made trunk with a bulging lid) and there they were, my old toys. Honestly, I had made the first inquiry some years ago and pulled out this cat among other things. I had lot of stuff, that is for sure. I played a lot with my cousin, we had quite developed games that only the two of us could enjoy. We played with little dolls and had all the furnishing and little tiny things that we could get in store for them. Which, on the other hand, was not that much. So we also made what we could not get. For example I found little carpets that I had personally weaved at a little kid's loom (you could get that) and weeny teeny paper dolls for my normal dolls painted from both sides.

And among all that junk there were these guys, a variant of the German Playmobil. Together with a baby doll house with a carefully selected parts of furniture and dolls these Igráčci, that is what we cal them, were taken down and were honored by the little guy to be taken back to Prague with him.
All of them used to have little belongings, depending on the job they performed. Oh well, that is left for another visit to my parents house.

Monday, April 4, 2011


We found these baskets today in a little shop attached to a kind of a sheltered workshop. Tiny space and five young people quietly working on their baskets. The baskets had all nice colors, mainly sweet shop color combination, I like that. And they were exceptionally cheap. I do not know how long they will last, though.

And I will need to find a sheltered workshop myself soon if I continue to read these German texts. I like German language, necessary to say, but this is too crazy. I need it for my doctorate, necessary to say, too. The writing here is all ONE sentence. Find the verb - there are two.