Monday, February 28, 2011


Thanks for the care and response on the last post. In the end, as I think about it, it is mostly the independence that I have been weeping for, some kind of endless freedom that I rediscovered while being and playing with my kid and that resulted from having no other responsibility. So it is not about time with little guy in the end. He is growing up and he needs other activities and mainly other kids and he has that at school. So it is mostly my complete freedom that I have had and that is now turning into being hooked in the work process. But it could not have lasted forever, so what. I can get by with that. I actually do not weep so much.

O.K. I put a picture of butterflies twice in a row, last post and this. It was unintentionally. I guess, there is a meaning to it, though, going along with what I have said here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today my little guy stayed in the kindergarten till three in the afternoon. Then he wanted to visit with his little friend from upstairs and he spent the rest of the afternoon there. I was at home by myself almost all day. He said he wanted to live there, too. I could not figure out when it was last time we did something together, something like cutting up paper, modeling with a clay. (Yes, I know the last post...) I am starting to be more work oriented, a real work. And I am having a job related meeting tomorrow, the job might steel good part of my time. I suddenly started to miss my time with little guy. The job is my field but I have been so happy at home. I have not realize that before I agreed to go to the meeting.

Monday, February 14, 2011


An art therapeutic machine, that is what we painted yesterday. It happened coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, while the little guy experimented with mixing up different colors I painted a sampler (top painting in the first picture) which Domík thought of as a machine. Again! So I made a nicer one and Domík did too (the two other paintings in the first picture). And together they make one, a freaky one. However, I still have not chased out the marble machine phantom from our family.

Domík got a nice rucksack for his birthday, from Chicken Rhythm, it was a give away on Fine Little Day, I was lucky. By the way, the company sells really cool t-shirts and patches with machines.

I am planning an outing, so far only in my head.

Friday, February 11, 2011


There is nothing like knowing that you have only five pages of translation left. I have thousands things on mind that I want to do. And I know that when it comes to it, I will mostly sit and stare, unable to decide which pleasure to choose first. Mainly, Domík will have his mummy completely devoted to him again. I am afraid I will be building up a marble machine or some craziness like it. I appreciate his interest in how machines work but I do not want to build one. I bought him marbles, though, and we play with them. I thought he might simply abandon the idea one day but so far it has not happened. Is it because I have been neglecting him lately and he stuck to the idea? The translation is good, I tell him, I can buy some toys. It was not very smart but he liked it. What would not I do to please him? I need to look how these marble machines work....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Skaf - tuleň / Skaf - the Seal, by Lída Durdíková, illustration by Rožankovský, published in Prague 1939.

I bought this book for the little guy before he was born. I had time to search for good-looking books back than. The book is very educational, I learned a lot on the life of seals while reading it to the little guy. Some parts were scary, though. Killing the seal by the Eskimos, for example. They also sang a freaky ritual song. There is a colored illustration on each double page. I like colored illustrations in the books for adults, too. And it has become so rare.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Maybe that spring is in the air. It was nice to be outside, all of us, after the long little guy's tonsillitis. Tomorrow back to normal.