Thursday, March 16, 2017

In the palace

Colloredo-Mansfeld palace. They usually do exhibitions of contemporary art there. There are white exhibition areas in the formerly private rooms which don't have any traces of original equipment. They also do exhibitions in these Neo-Rococo and Baroque rooms in the picture and when they don't they still leave it open for people to wander through. Because it is worth it. There is nothing wrong with the fact that they are slightly damaged, unfixed, kind of going off. They will fix them eventually. But in the meantime they can be admired, nevertheless.
I cannot help thinking that historical sites are the most interesting when they are not fixed. They have more content, there is more going on when they are in the process of decay. Something has been happening and I get to experience it. It's going from somewhere and heading somewhere else. When the place is finally repaired and beautiful, as if it was new (in the worse case), it has lost part of its charm.
What do you think?


Dasac said...

I think úplně to samý. Už jsem si vygooglila otvírací hodiny, abych se sem podívala ještě před rekonstrukcí. Dík moc za tip.

Bohemian girl said...

Není zač, a jestli tam půjdeš ve všední den, možná tam budeš úplně sama.