Sunday, January 27, 2008


I learned knitting from my mum when I was a little girl. She was an art teacher and had her own way of creating sweaters, sewing dresses and making other textile projects. She never followed a pattern, at least not in detail, she only followed a photograph at the most and in her unique way she always did away with it. I started to do the same without thinking although I admit that following a pattern allows me to knit a sweater in measures that I need. That means that lot of our knitted stuff has ended up in a wardrobe hardly ever worn as the sleeves are to tight, the collar does not go over the head etc. Because this is the first post I start in deep history and show the best of my mums sweaters that we still wear in the family:

This one is from the late 1980s and was knitted after some Czech knitting magazine which would be actually quite nice to have again. The knits were very artistic and worked out and they would be back in fashion today.

The green one is called Egyptian after the collar part and is from the 70s. We share it with my brother, he wears it inside the house whereas I am not shy to go out in it. The Norwegian one comes from the late 1980s when the German Verena (Burda production) magazine entered the Czech knitting scene.

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