Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Frogs!

White snowy pictures everywhere, so I am coming straight with Christmas ones.

This is a so called matrix for linocut prints. I ll be sending it out as Christmas cards. Happy joint project of my husband who drew it and me who cut it. For some reason frog and mushroom together represent happiness and luck and they appear on Christmas cards. On the old ones though. As they were so popular their beauty vanished and they became kitchy. And I think it is their time again, to come back. I don't have pictures of the cards but I have few nice illustrations from 19th century books, some of them by Richard Ricky Doyle. Mushrooms, fairies, pucks, trolls etc.
But they cannot compete with my husband's one!

And it is also time for gnomes. They bring luck. Did you know that? Especially when you carry them around in your pocket. This one was found on a flea market, he called my name, so I went and got it.

The smaller guy is a ground frost and he doesn't have a magic power, he is just in a fairy tale in a book from when I was a kid. It is a Christmas time so we pulled it out and read it before bedtime.
I wish you happy and relaxed Christmas preparations.


raining sheep said...

I love frogs and mushrooms...they represent the Czech of my childhood. I remember old Christmas cards featuring both....and of course, I love gnomes too...I have one in the garden. I really like your 'joint effort' card; it's super cute.

Ritva said...

great post!