Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last, last of the Summer

Look at the littlest one, how much he painted!


Francesca said...

This is such green countryside, but the kids aren't dressed so summery. Is it at the cottage back then? How does Dominik like to be in the company of other kids? Looking at your first photo (the youngest and smallest artist:)) made me realize how my daughter is never with kids of her own age.

Bohemian girl said...

It was on the 20th of September, so they are actually dressed summery quite a lot for these latitudes, usually it gets much colder by this time of the year. Dominik with the other kids? You can tell he is a single kid. Hangs on mummy most of the time. The other three kids, all siblings, are more self sufficient in their needs. Only later Domik started to run through the fields with them (the second picture) and enjoy playing on his own while other kids are crawling around him.

raining sheep said...

Looks like fun...I loved playing with chalk as a child. The best thing about living in France was the small chalk tablets we had for practicing math sums, that feels like centuries ago! Of course, when we moved to Canada no one had chalk tables or fountain pens (pera).