Friday, January 22, 2010

Three Fairies

There was a theatre play for children in Prague called something like Big Adventure of two Gnomes. Their journey through a forest has been paved with mushrooms of all kinds, the stage designer really liked making them. So, they inspired me to work out her mushrooms even further. The cap is made of foam rubber and leather, the leg from wood. Cutting in foam rubber is fun but it took me a while to figure out a good shape and improve the technique. The material also needed to age so that it would become natural yellow.

These mushrooms served me well this Christmas as palm trees in our Nativity scene.

Find them on Etsy.


Francesca said...

Magda, these are so cute and inventive! I remember now about your interest and work with mushrooms.
PS I didn't go to post office, I got a little stuck and need to work something out first!

Czina said...

these mashrooms are really great. i'd like to see top of them. are there some red heads with white dots?

Ritva said...

at first sight i thought they were real :)
well done!

Bohemian girl said...

Milá Czino,
podívejte se na Etsy, jsou tam ukázané i seshora. Červenou kůži mám nachystanou, ale zatím nevím, jak to udělat, aby to nevypadalo blbě.
Jnak díky. I když ty patři hlavně scénografce v Minoru, jakožto iniciátorce.
A máte hezké blogy.

Fine Little Day said...

They look very authentic, I like them.

christel said...

Really a very good idea!