Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Folder Kitchen

Mieke Willems
had a nice post recently on living places with a spirit, pictures from a folder called Huis. No stress on design but they could compete with a regular magazine on house and living, so good looking these places are.
I have a similar folder. I have been collecting kitchens since I had one done from a design studio. It wasn't bad but expensive. So here you have examples of good looking, spiritual and inexpensive kitchens. I apologize to those of you whose kitchen I use and don't give you a credit because I forgot where the picture comes from.


Janovice nad Uhlavou


Knick Knack


Liivian Talossa

Kitchen in the house of my parents. My dad made the cupboards. Simple and nice. Thanks to the vaulting of the ceiling.


la casita said...

a great collection of kitchen's photo, thanks!

Guusje said...


andrea tachezy said...

Díky, přesně to jsem potřebovala. Zoufám si nad naší starou, značně opotřebovanou kuchyní a rázem mě přešla touha vlastnit něco nového :-)

christinecho said...

I like visiting your kitchen.
kitchen is my favorite room.

Merruli said...

I think that quite often the older the kitchen is the better it is. If there hasn't been any need for major changes, there must be something very practical in its nature. Still I find myself admiring many modern ones too.

Thanks for this collection!

soisses said...

that are really great kitchen. like them all... would love to cook in one of them!

Czina said...

that is really good looking collection. I would like to cook something delicious in most of them...
I would like to set my own kitchen with just old dishes and furniture. when you take good care of it, it's mostly better than the new crap. and more relaible

raining sheep said...

These are so great. I have a "cheap" kitchen as well. One day it will get redone but for now it functions. I love the Selby.

miarosa said...

love all the different citchens!
they all have something nice :)

Sense of Home said...

Very interesting kitchens. Mine is boring by comparison.