Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Atlas of mushrooms, I have a hard time finding good translation for that, I hope atlas  is right. This one is from 1831-1846, it is big, 38 x 48 cm and has 76 plates. I do not have it, these pictures were taken in a library and published in another book. So, imagine it big, otherwise you do not get the image. It is a piece of art. I am more of a mushroom admirer than a hunter. However, I have to admit, there is something about going to forest and wander around and finding and picking them.  

The title is VIncenc Julius Krombholz, Naturgetreue Abbildungen und Beschreibungen der essbaren und vedaechtigen Schwaemme, Praga, 1831 - 1846. 

And thank you for showing empathy on my last post, the kid is jumping and running again, oh my god. 


Victoria said...

You could also say encyclopedia of mushrooms, but atlas also works. A great book. My Huzz would love this. He can identify a small number of mushrooms / fungi, but I'm always a little worried about tasting them just in case he got it wrong !!!

Francesca said...

Really beautiful. I love all nature drawings and sketches. Now, photos replace them. Such a shame. I'm glad Dominik recovered.

Bohemian girl said...

Yes, botanical drawings are beautiful, I would like to have something on the wall. They say that mushroom atlases are best when they are drawn because you cannot get an ideal picture of all the features of a species at the same time when you just photograph it. So there is a hope.

Merruli said...

I'm always in awe how skillful those artist have been who drew the natural history pictures. How they catch the detail and the right shades of colors. My neighbor has a huge antigue mushroom teaching picture on her living room wall - I'm green of envy, it's such a beautiful wall hanging.

pea said...

mas moc hezky blog!Miluju hribky, tak me tvuj posledni prispevek moc zaujal..i ostatni tve fotky jsou moc povedene, jo, libi se mi!:)

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations