Thursday, May 19, 2011


There is no way that he would try the little vest on. No. Times have changed. No photo shoot today, sorry. It is made of all the nicest yarns, wool alpaca and wool merino and who know what other wool, all new and gathered from different parts of the world, as my little guy would say: from different planets. We are going tomorrow to see my brother and for the first time the l. g. will see a cow in a shed and a goat in a barn and a pig in a yard, not at my brother's though but in the village. Oh, southern Bohemia and sweet memories of sunny summers.

My work pace has accelerated in the last week and our stomachs suffer of special diet.


Francesca said...

Have a nice weekend in the country - perhaps that will be a good place to try on and wear the vest from different planets!:)

la casita said...

Enjoy your weekend. It's frustrating... but you know what I do? (meany me) I tell my daughter that I'll give the thing (I made and she won't wear) to the girl she doesn't like! :)))it works most of the time!