Saturday, September 10, 2011

What did we do in summer?

I guess, I owe some explanation on the pictures from the last post. We went to a little summer camp, private and cozy, at my friend's. Lot of kids, kittens, dogies and a teacher for the kids. It was nice but we survived only two days. We went on to see the cousins. We actually did a big route at the time. Berlin - cottage - cousins. We had a lot of time on the train together. It was a good summer. Now it almost does not seem that I was busy working.


alessandra said...

where did Summer went I don't me didn't feel like Summer at all. What are those interesting craft on the post below???

Bohemian girl said...

Hi Alessandra,
they are little weaving projects, we had paper plates and pulled string on them so that we could weave like on a loom. It is fun but you cannot weave further then to a middle of the plate because the strings get too far from each other and the piece does not hold well together. It is nicer to keep it on the plate, it looks more interesting then when you use a circle as a doll blanket. That is what we did with it.