Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hat, a beret for little Markétka. Casted on 65 stitches, follow up on round needle on 120 stitches, 20 cm, knitting little knots along. Here I am trying to look like an experienced knitting blogger burbling some familiar sounding words. It is not only that I don't know the English knitting vocabulary, I do not have a slightest idea how many stitches I casted on (or whatever) and I don't even know how I succeeded in spreading those little bullets so regularly. It is true, there are kind of holes next to each bullet but it seems that she doesn't care. She said she wanted to wear it sideways, like a painter. I love my nieces, they love everything I make for them.


Merruli said...

You are a natural knitter, talented enough to survive without patterns or too much planning! The beret looks really cool, no wonder she likes to wear it.

Bohemian girl said...

Such a compliment, Merruli, thank you.