Friday, January 13, 2012

Pink clouds are melancholic

This was the sky yesterday evening.
Now, a kid crying downstairs, I am missing mine. I am going to get him at kindergarten soon. He is there, every day, happy, running, playing, I am surprised he is still happy to play at home alone. I am planning my trip to Mainz. It is a study trip and that does not make me really outraged. Again, I wll be missing my little guy, and the bigger guy, too. I wish I could make a detour down to Bologna, or at least down to the first Italian town, to evoke the memories of my real student time. Well, it will not happen. I mean this time.


Victoria said...

We have lots of pink skies right now as well. Have a nice trip! I will be leaving for 10 days to a course at the beginning of february, it will be strange to be away so long! Enjoy your time alone anyway, I welcome it once in a while actually :)

Alicia said...

wow! beautiful sky!