Friday, October 19, 2012

All of this I would like to have

I am thinking of sewing something nice and for me. If I finished translating the titles for the book today I might have some spare time tomorrow morning and then I can get on my hobby. But I probably won't have finished. So instead I am looking at this blog for some inspiration in interior design. And picture taking. Skipping the people there.


Francesca said...

Hi Magda - I can see some very interesting blog posts here, that disappear when I try to comment or click on the title, as if they didn't exist. ?!
Happy sewing!

Bohemian girl said...

Does it mean that It is not actually true that so few people come here, the fact is that some technical accident does not allow them to say hello? I have clicked around and everything seems fine, unfortunately.
I haven't started sewing yet. I have worked a lot, instead.
I hope to hear from you soon around.