Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I knitted them. I am happy about them. They are big but that does not matter to the little guy. A good thing about knitting them was that I figured out the pattern. Well, except for the fact that they are too big. The yarn: the leftover from the autumnal sweater and that came from here. I think I had Castanas.

So much cuteness around here. I am still delighted by the play the kids performed for their parents today at the little Christmas party in the kindergarten. It was A Journey to Betlehem. Oh, the teachers, they had it so nicely prepared, the narration, talking, playing, singing.

We read Six Bullerby children now before bed. It is so positive and happy and it makes the l. g. happy too. He wants to do stuff like they do and sometimes he acts like them and I pretend I don't notice.
 My own adult life is less interesting. Apart from the fact that I booked a hotel in Verona for our winter tour in February.

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mieke willems said...

good job! nice colors too!
about the plants: the ones in my kitchen are hanging on the railing of the curtain that is not there anymore. seems strong enough as they hang there since a few months now. the one on the blogpost yesterday is hanging in my living room with a nail in the windowframe :)

good luck with hanging some too!