Sunday, June 9, 2013

poppy seeds

The little guy had a project. He got hold of my poppy heads covered with dust and punched a hole in each of them to get seeds out. Like a bird, he said. Then he made a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle. He did not ask me for help. He is going to take the feeder to kindergarten tomorrow and install it. Could you plant some seeds so that we have more poppies, he asked me. Two more weeks of kindergarten and then the little kid will be a school boy. He still retains the same cuteness, but the stuff he says sounds rather clever than just sweet and adorable like it did before.


. said...

I really like the first photographs.
Yours is a thrifty boy...good job on you! x

Bohemian girl said...

Thanks, he likes projects on weekend mornings. I didn't get to sewing, by the way but I still go and look at your stuff.