Monday, October 7, 2013


We went picking moss for the Christmas nativity scene. It represents grass there. You have to pick it early, before the snow falls, so that it has time to dry from underneath. This year, it was already dry when we were picking it in the wood. It is a nice feeling, ripping it off from the rock. We found some ruined stone walls, who knows how old they actually were, hundred years, five hundred years? They made the walls while dragging the rocks from the forests, turning the forests into fields. So who knows. Anyway, my dad said he is probably the only one in his town who collects moss for his nativity scene. He might have been the only one since ever, it is not a dying out habit, it is just a unique thing to have a nativity scene that requires moss for grass. Even in the church they have some kind of cloth there. They used to collect moss too, though. So what do I know.

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