Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas decoration

I have been looking for some kind of "cool Christmas decoration" but I am not sure if something like that exists at all. But I have been collecting pictures by taking them from other people's blogs and stocking them in a file called "other people' stuff" and I am finding there things which could work as "creative" Christmas or winter decorations. My little boy still believes in the mystery of Christmas, little baby Jesus coming in the room and placing presents under the tree, maybe this is the last year he passes it without a doubt, I am pretty much sure. He enjoys the advent time and so do I. It snowed already but it melted. I think we can figure out how to make the icy coloured sculptures. Aren't they pretty?
1. Ensuite 2. Kanelimaa 3. Mantelli (I think) 4. Mieke Willems 5. Kapital e-shop 6. Mantelli 7. Puhti 8., 9. Kanelimaa

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