Sunday, June 15, 2014


I liked the museum night yesterday. I liked that I went out, on my own, before dusk, I watched the life in the streets, people out, sitting in restaurants, walking home and to the museums too, there was a huge line before the collection of Asian art so I didn't get in. I was happy to see the crowd in front of the museum eager to get in, nevertheless, and I went to see the collection of medieval art and a show of a fresh bequest to the NG (last pic). And when I got home my 7 years old kid was up and crying that he could not fall asleep without me. This is how I have brought up my kid.


alessandra said...

look, kids only want one thing, to be with mum and dad. Then in teenager years you'll be the one crying and not sleeping because it's 4am and he's still not back home ;^)
it's good though to get out and do something just for yourself I do it too at times.

RETA said...

What an interesting BlogSpot! So glad you got to see that!
(Alessandra is right though . . !)