Monday, August 18, 2014


It is strange to be back at home. I mean in Prague. We came back a day before yesterday and suddenly all the experience is so far away.


Francesca said...

daily life does tend to swallow what remains of a holiday - but i'm sure your boy has very fresh memories.
looking at your photos, it dawned on me how so much of urban united states look exactly alike. do americans say that of european cities?

Bohemian girl said...

I don't think they say that about European cities, in fact, most of the people I spent time with haven't visit many of them, some has never done at all. I was in East and South, I wonder what it would look like if I went farther west. More crazy, perhaps? People influence the space they live in but architecture is very similar, conservative, I would say, everywhere I went. Well, there were lot of nice old houses, and quite nicely preserved old town centers, it was a surprise for me, one imagines America as uninteresting in that respect. I think this kind of "becoming old" is new for America. But what do I know.