Sunday, November 16, 2014


17 November, 1989, so it is 25 years now. I am trying not to think too much about things that haven't changed. These things are probably not a matter of living under communism but of something deeper, reaching far back to the history, as many people say, towards the Thirty Years War that ended up in 1648. But there are many positive things that weren't then, let's not forget. The little guy, my Czech-American little guy, has no idea what was going on 25 years ago and before. Sometimes I tell him little bits of here and there, what the life was like and such. He likes to listen to it, because it sound like tales from other planet. Every day life was absurd enough to last for fairy tales through out his childhood. I might take him for some piety meeting tomorrow to the street where the events took place. I took him out three years ago when Havel died and people were out to put candles to the memorial. He already doesn't remember he was there with me. But now we watch this fun animated series about Czech history narrated to kids (click on the green arrow to start). We like it.

View towards the erstwhile iron curtain in Šumava

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