Friday, March 13, 2015

Two houses

We were thinking of finding something bigger. The little guy was absolutely against it. I only got him into it by naming what he could put in his two hypothetical rooms. But we are not getting it in the end. The scent of manure in the neighborhood won over us, town naive people, who have neither money or skills to take on such a task of repairing an old house. I can imagine perfectly what I do with it from the moment the wires, pipes and heating are in, the roof and the chimney is fixed and the walls prevented from the moisture and the pile of wood is in the shed which does not exist yet. I am still thinking about the house anyway. Instead, we tore down the kid's little play house in my dad's living room, I used to play with that house a lot, and these kids, my nieces and the little guy, it seems like no time and they have grown out of it.

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