Friday, May 22, 2015


Midnight port in Tokyo

Night architecture from the 800 up today

In Nara international guests feed tame deers in the rain (right)

The architecture of the street as seen from the train

Disorderly order of the street in the Japanese city (left)

Electrical railway, laid across the patterned landscape

Pretty divers for unknown treasures in shells

Visions of the lonely foreigner (right)

River port

Island port

Constant scrum at crossroads in Tokyo

"Tinkered" landscape of the nation that uses a phone the most

Made in Japan, this book by this writer and artist. In fact, you can get it much cheaper in Czech used book stores. It is from 1958, he traveled to Japan to take part in writers' meeting, therefore there is a long chapter about that in the book too, accompanied with caricatures of the other writers. His report on what he had seen and experienced in the country is fresh and nice, only when he gets to moralize on politics it gets little annoying. I read some of the parts to the little guy, while he was building from Lego, he liked it. He asked for it again today but the book has gone back to the library. The pictures are really cool. The captions are translated from the book. The writer is still little bit persona non grata in the Czech culture, for his political statement, as an artist he is worth it.


Victoria said...

Oh my goodness! It has been ages since I have been around your blog, shame on me!!!!! I was just scanning through some of my old posts and saw your old comments. How are you doing? I see your boy is super BIG! They grow up so fast don't they? I have returned to blogger, after I kind of became very lazy about blogging I didn't want to pay on type pad for something I was not using. Hope all is well and I promise to visit more often.xx

Bohemian girl said...

Hey, hey! I see your kids are not only growing big but also in a number. Congratulations, you are lucky. Did you manage to finish your PhD? I don't know where this blog is going.

Victoria said...

Thank you! Yes we added a little girl to our crazy family :) I am on maternity leave now and have about 6 months left to finish the PhD when I go back to work next Spring. I am dreading it, and at the same time looking forward to putting together all the hard work I have been doing over the past years. But all in all I am done with working in the academic environment, the pressure for publishing, looking for grants, looking for and fighting for the few permanent positions is too exhausting. So when I am done with the PhD I won't go for a Postdoc position. Not sure what I will do next! my blog isn't going anywhere either, I barely have time to publish once a week...