Thursday, June 18, 2015

Going to děda (granddad)

We went to visit granddad for the weekend. The town has had summer feeling, we took bath in the river, it is one of the great features of living there, you can take a dip right in the middle of the town. Oh, and we tried to pan for gold but did not pan any. We only got to see tiny glossy flakes that were impossible to grab.
The little guy is leaving for a school camp tomorrow, the so called school in nature. We are already missing him and he has not even left yet. Today he named things he likes doing: playing games, watching TV, hugging, cuddling, laying in bed, sleeping. It is all fine but why doesn't he say that he likes riding a scooter, for example. It is actually parents nightmare, his list. Except for cuddling and hugging, of course. He also likes chattering. He is good at that. I hope he will get it together.


Francesca said...

he sounds to me like a very nice boy - a scooter is the real parents' night

Francesca said...

{... what happened? continuing here ...} nightmare around here, but for now we've dodged that: eldest boy will soon get a driver's license, and drive a car. 16 yo has stopped asking for one, since he's seen enough friends in accidents. 8yo ... we'll cross that bridge when we come to that! :)