Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Project of the future house (of mine)

I started thinking some time ago what I would do if I end up with nothing. This has been haunting me as my worse nightmares, by the way, the picture is me living in a student dormitory again, brrr. So I started saving money for a little wooden cottage that I would build in my dad's garden which is kind of small, one of many in a larger garden colony, on the edge of the town where he lives. And I comforted so much to this idea about a small wooden house (see? not cottage, a house) that I actually like thinking about it and I think I am going to build it no matter what, or at least if the circumstances are in my favor. I have the perfect image of a sort of mini modernist villa, really a mini one, with a living area opening to the garden and two lodgings in the back, one for me and L. and the other one for D. (maybe when he is visiting, because this is going to take a while). And I will need to include a studio space in there too. This would go on the first floor or even in a separate building, this I leave for other decisions. The house could be a nice summer house, after all.
So you are probably wandering whether I am serious that I want something like I show in the pictures. Almost something like that. I made it while attending a kid's workshop in a kid's theater with Domík, the kids were supposed to build romantic houses, Domík did not want to have anything to do with it at first but I delved deeply in. The outcome much owes to the materials that I had at hand. But it still kind of resembles my vision. I am not going to have a cheetah, though.
I have collected some ideas for the house here.

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