Saturday, February 11, 2017

We went to Turin

You gotta love your Guarino Guarini!

The 8th picture is from the show of Wael Shawky in Fondazione Merz in Turin. Part of the film were these crazy African structures of - I dont have a slight idea of what it is, I guess I can find on the internet easily but I dont need to know that badly. Yet another contribution to experiencing architecture during our trip.


plch said...

you have to :)
>>I miss Guarini and miss Torin, my hometown

Bohemian girl said...

Oh, is it? Yes, you must miss it, especially in Prague. There is one trace of Guarini in Prague as well, the theatine church in Nerudova Str. was meant to be built after his design, made purposefully for Prague. In the end the plan was changed so the trace is quite elusive.