Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lot of Pants

This magazine came out in 1980 in Czechoslovakia (MONA publishing) and I have always thought that the graphic design is something above the time, especially for these latitudes where any sign of extravagance was either oppressed or more likely did not appear at all. The magazine has probably a lot in common with the stuff that used to come out in the west and I bet that the major source of inspiration came from there for this designer (from where else?), it even has few pictures from foreign magazines, one can say just by looking. Anyway, this MONA publishing had other good magazines that are waiting for me somewhere, in some forgotten spot, where I'll save them from destruction.

One interesting thing that caught my eye when checking out the imprint, all the pants designed for the magazine (there are patterns in the magazine) were designed and sewn by one man, Jiří Enoch, so the whole thing is actually an author's issue without mentioning the author at a more visible and appropriate place!  

To see the images bigger, click on them!


raining sheep said...

Some of these older magazines amaze me. They are so modern and the graphics are so much bolder than what we see today. It really is a step back. Of course, Canadian magazines in the 80s were pretty dismal...I always thought the European publications were just so much better, and comprised better graphics.

Bohemian girl said...

And this was actually a commercial magazine (well, kind of). Later, in 1990s there were two magazines that had very nice graphic design but survived only few issues: Raut that people still know and it is expensive to get in used book stores and Post that fell in oblivion completely, I couldn't find any reference on the internet to it. The graphics and photographs was the main part of it, it was mostly about that. I don't have any of them and I wish I had.

Jill said...

I love the top photo with all the belts...it's so colorful and fun!