Monday, June 2, 2008

Some old things of mine

My confidence has had a boost after the positive respond to my comment on old things at 36 Shea's blog and here I am to tribute with some of my things that are either older than me or are dear to me in another way, that have been in this house before me or I have brought them here from my parents' house.

The fish is ceramic and I traded it with a 12 years old girl who made it and exhibited at the kids' art show (one of these few years ago), I gave her textile dyes for it. I still feel little strange that I pulled her into the world of commerce. She didn't want anything, didn't care about the fish at all, she had made many things like that and what had been done didn't exist for her anymore.

Puppet made by Artěl, group of artists designing things for everyday use in a simple modernistic way at the beginning of the 20th century in Prague.

I like bowls, I find it little obsessive about me, there are more of them than you can see, they are hiding inside of the bigger ones. 50s like design, but probably produced later that that. I bought the stripy ones in a thrift shop because I just felt nostalgic for completely the same ones that my parents used to have. The mug is a folk design, done very nicely with a shivering hand.

If any Czechs are reading this, they will recognize these puppets immediately, they are evergreen of the Czech children' rooms. I had these when I was a little girl, later they went on their own venture and they were hanging out in my cousins cottage for pretty long time. What a party! They needed little restoration work after and now they can't wait to get into my son's hands.

We inherited this rocking horse from our friend and it looks like it has been on duty since the generation of my parents. Dominik likes it.

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Jill said...

I love seeing your favorite old things and hearing abut thier history! I've never seen anything like those puppets...they are so charming! And your collection of bowls is beautiful. Thanks for mentioning my blog today makes my afternoon very happy :)

raining sheep said...

Oh my - I love those striped bowls. They cost a fortune here in Canada and are very hard to find. It amazes how something someone throws out is considered a great find by someone like me. By the way, I remember those puppets when I was a little girl.

raining sheep said...

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