Sunday, July 6, 2008


Here we go, a better picture of the hand painted acquisition. Verde Marino cuddling together with the Violet Lettuce. Both Merino, 6 ply. They might end up in one sweater (if they keep crouching long enough).


Merruli said...

Oh, such lovely yarn and merino wool is so nice to knit on. My blog-break didn't last as long as I intended. While browsing through your older posts I spotted a miniature brass stove for kids. I hadn't remembered it, but as soon as I saw a picture of it, it came back to my mind - I had a similar one as a kid, but there's no trace of it left. Your childhood pictures were so beautifully nostalgic too.

raining sheep said...

Merino is a wonderful yarn. A lot of yarn makes me itch, but merino is never a problem. Gorgeous.