Friday, July 4, 2008

Yarn purchases

I finally stopped sniffing around the local shop in the town where I come from which sells mostly acrylic goodies and started to get little more international regarding the yarn purchases. Other than being international (just kidding) I also wanted to get further than just looking for nice colors. So I ordered five of these merino skeins through the and I honestly say that it is the fines wool I have ever held in my hands. They make it in South America so the image of merino goats jumping on the Andy's Mountains adds to the final feeling. Also the web page glitters with colors since most of the yarn is multicolored, so I felt like in heaven when I was picking it. It looks like advertising, I should stop. So, the yarn, of course, looks little different when you take it out of the box but who can blame my computer screen.

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raining sheep said...

Ah! See! This is how it starts...and now you will be addicted to shopping online for wonderful beautiful yarn. There is so much wonderful yarn out there. I love the color on your is beautiful.