Sunday, August 24, 2008

My creations

This is what I created. A year and half ago. It is sweet and soft and likes to play.

I also created a heading for a dictionary of art historians for my own person. Sounds strange but it is true. Most of the time writing it I spent on working out the "short characteristic of the art historian activity, specialization of the research interest". Quite tricky, considering that I am somewhere at the beginning (or at the end?). And now it's going to be printed in a book forever! I even got my husband to help me but he lost his patience and left the room.

Other than that, I have been creating some silly things for my little guy, but I will wait for them to be ready to post them. So far he has to walk naked.


raining sheep said...

Krasna fotka; on je tak milej. That is so exciting about the book, what an achievement. Congratulations. Art history is fascinating and complicated. Art represents a place and time and art history is a form of archeology - it's up to people like you to explain it to others in a way that can be understood and appreciated.

Merruli said...

Great achievements both of them! A book and a child are a bit alike, I guess, you can work on them only for a while and after that the life of their own and other people take over, luckily there's usually a bit more time for the process of raising a child. congratulations on your publication!